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Virtualization revolutionized application delivery models. By abstracting compute, storage and network resources it enabled more effective management of distributed applications while getting more out of fixed infrastructure capacity. However, as you virtualize more mission critical applications and leverage multiple hypervisors you need to ensure you’re delivering the right performance without wasting resources.

Turbonomic enables you to assure the performance of any workload, intelligently deploy new ones and plan smarter all while making the best usage of the underlying infrastructure.


  • Multi-hypervisor management, one platform for vSphere, Hyper-v, KVM, PowerVM
  • Automatable placement, sizing and provisioning decisions assure performance
  • Intelligent placement and reservations for new workloads
  • Plan smarter for a data center migration, new applications and more leveraging real-time data
  • Complete understanding of end-to-end relationships from application to compute, storage and network resources
  • Easily align to your operations, policies and management approach

Supported Integrations

Meditating Monk

Hypervisor Agnostic

We get it. There are numerous reasons why heterogeneous environments exist: financial cost, legacy systems, data center consolidation. These business realities are easily managed with Turbonomic. Just set up your hypervisor targets in Turbonomic— Hyper-V, vSphere, KVM, RHEV-M, PowerVM, or XenServer — and let our platform do the rest.

Assure Performance on Any Hypervisor

Turbonomic provides actionable workload placement, sizing and provisioning decisions. It continuously characterizes each workload, understanding individual requirements for compute, storage and network resources and auto-scales workloads horizontally or vertically based on real-time demand. The platform supports all major hypervisors with proactive actions that prevent ready queue, ballooning, swapping, I/O bottlenecks and enable you to deliver quality of service – response time or transactions per minute – of any workload.

Turbonomic workload placement decisions

container sprawl and intelligent placement

Scale with Confidence


Turbonomic provides intelligent initial placement decisions based on the demand characteristics of existing and new workloads. New workloads are matched to existing shared resources and future workloads are held as reservations avoiding resource contention. With the Turbonomic deploy capability you’ll get the best initial virtual machine placement incorporating any business or technical constraint you define. You’ll be empowered to more effectively scale and give developers and application teams quicker access to the infrastructure.

Effectively Manage Capacity


The Turbonomic platform provides a real-time understanding of workload demand and available infrastructure supply. It enables you to simulate changes across the environment for new workloads, hardware refresh, data center consolidation, right-sizing virtual machines, merging clusters and more. The platform determines when allocation of resources is not aligned with workload demand, driving decisions to provision more or suspend capacity. With smarter capacity planning you’ll spend the right amount on infrastructure without delaying new application development or impacting performance.

Turbonomic Cost Curve Graph

Network Orchestration Clouds

Any Workload, Any Infrastructure

Turbonomic operates across multiple hypervisors (e.g. VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, PowerVM). The platform maps and visualizes end-to-end relationships and resource consumption from application to virtual machines, compute, storage, storage controller, network, fabric interconnects and more. With control over the entire infrastructure you’ll be able to accelerate your virtualization and cloud initiatives while delivering the application performance your business depends on.

Simple to Customize and Align

The Turbonomic platform works in harmony with existing operational policies (e.g. disaster recovery, high availability, affinity, anti-affinity) while providing the ability to define service priorities and cost policies. Dashboards and reports are simple to customize and share across your entire organization. By providing application owners and management the complete understanding of what is happening to mission critical applications and exceeding your quality of service targets you’ll spend less time firefighting or reacting to alerts and more time accelerating the next deployment.

Turbonomic create custom dashboard

“Turbonomic is smart enough, and agnostic enough, to understand the demands of each workload and provide access to the right amount of resources.”

Stephen Bartlett, System Administrator, TeamHealth

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